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10 creative and unique letter message boards! Quick hot market, 2021 purchase quotation large concessions!

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Since 2015, letter message boards have continued to be popular. It has become a choice for everyone to take pictures, decorate their homes, and office environments. It is no longer limited to church services or old movie theaters, but has become an important part of home decoration.

In addition to the traditional felt square letter message board, and many weird and peculiar letter message boards are also very popular. Even if you are not a professional designer and do not have outstanding artistic skills, you can quickly create beautiful shapes by using these interesting letter boards. You can hang it on the bed in the bedroom, and you can feel the beauty of art every day when you wake up.

Many buyers are importing letter message boards that are unique or interesting enough to use them to seize the market. But there are not too many unique letter message boards. They are rare or distributed among different suppliers, and they are expensive.

Now you have found us, take a look at our products. They are interesting enough, and because we have our own factory, there are no additional costs and the quotation is cheap. If you have your own ideas, you can also let us customize them. We have been making custom-made household items and handicrafts for more than 15 years. We have mature craftsmanship and technical personnel. Welcome to consult.

If you want to show your unique taste or have a little surprise at the party, you can try the letter message board below.

If you want to know more about the letter message board, or our company and factory information, you can check these articles(Top ten best-selling types of message letter boards! Everything you want to know about the message letter board!), or you can directly consult us or send an email.

1. Magnet letter message board

The feature of this type of letter message board is that you can place letters as you like. It uses magnetic attraction to put the letters on the board, no need to place them according to the gap. This makes the whole process easier. You can focus on art design, or you can design more shapes like painting.

Of course, we can make different shapes and styles. For example, this borderless, all-wood letter message board.

Other colors and materials can also be customized.

2. All wooden letter message board

The all-wood letter message board wins in its naturalness, health, and coordination. It is also very simple in shape, and the integrated design is pleasing to the eye. At the same time, the simple style is also very suitable for modern home decoration.

Of course, the thickness, material, color, etc. of the template can also be customized. Our production process has been optimized for a long time, and I believe it will satisfy everyone.

3. Holiday letter message board

Many customers and purchasers deliberately import letter message boards suitable for festival styles, because the costumes during festivals are extremely important. There is a special holiday letter message board that will make the whole atmosphere more enthusiastic.

This letter message board is very suitable for dressing up for Halloween, and it works well with a vampire look.

It is a good choice for decoration on Valentine’s Day.

4. Cartoon letter message board

If there are children in the family, the cartoon-like letter message boards will definitely be liked by them. Putting it in the children’s bedroom like this will make the environment more lovely.

5. Calendar letter message board

Do you want the letter message board to have both calendar and message functions? No problem, this letter message board meets your requirements.

Of course, we can also design with a variety of materials and shapes, such as this one.

There is no problem even with the acrylic board, as long as you put forward your own ideas, we can realize it.

6. Letter message board with lighting

Would you like to see the letter message board at night? Want the letter message board to become cooler? Want the letter message board to become more festive? No problem, the next few letter message boards with lights welcome you to purchase and consult.

It can be a letter message board with lights on the inside, lights on the outer frame, and a combination of lighted accessories, etc. Of course, the size and style of the lamp can be decided by you.

7. Written decoration letter message board

This kind of letter message board can be placed on the desk, which is not only more coordinated and perfectly integrated with the environment, but also specific other functions.

We can combine it with other products, such as pen holders.

8. Multifunctional letter message board

The following letter message boards, and more product combinations, form a multi-functional feature. Some have the function of a photo frame, and some add a corkboard and so on.

9. Letter message boards for other types of letters

Sometimes I want to change my mood too. Change to another material or form of letters to design the letter message board. Then don’t go wrong with the following letter message boards.

Peg letter message board, can not only leave a message, but also can be used as a background wall or storage shelf for decorations.

10. Spelling letter message boards

Like spelling blocks, can be created at will.

These lovely letter message boards are so likable. It’s very simple and fun to play. They add a lot of color and playfulness to the home and office environment. At the same time, it can be used as a tool to provide the functions you need.

Of course, for each message board, we can provide different materials, sizes, colors, and can also change the shape according to needs.

If you have your own design drawings or styles, we can also customize them.

Why choose us?

We have been making handicrafts, daily necessities, household goods, and textiles for more than 15 years.

Of course, for each message board, we can provide different materials, sizes, colors, and can also change the shape according to needs.

If you have your own design drawings or styles, we can also customize them.

Why choose us?

We have been making handicrafts, daily necessities, household goods, and textiles for more than 15 years.

Owning its own factory, with quotation advantage and duration guarantee.

Accumulated technology and management experience, and trained a group of technical personnel.

At the same time, it has factory resources and can provide procurement, warehousing, customization and other services.

What are you still hesitating about, an email or consultation may take your business further!

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We can further reduce costs while maintaining material quality.
At the same time, due to the long-term professional production, our technical personnel are excellent in ability and experience. Therefore, the products produced are of good quality and stability.
We also provide services such as product customization, OEM, warehousing, quality inspection, etc. Welcome to cooperate with us.

Our advantage as a purchasing agent is that we have accumulated the resources of many small and medium-sized factories in various regions.
Large or well-known factories can often be easily found online, but they are expensive and have tight schedules. At the same time, they often have very high requirements on the number of purchases and have many restrictions.
And many small and medium-sized factories, their product quality is no worse than that of large factories, and they have advantages in terms of price, purchase volume, construction period and so on. But these factories are often not found on the Internet, and they lack the awareness of Internet marketing. Therefore, you can only accumulate these resources through accumulation over time. Compared with a simple agency company, our factory experience allows us to contact various factories and raw material factories more conveniently.
At the same time, we can better distinguish the pros and cons of each factory’s products, technical differences, etc. And because we are familiar with the raw materials, we can also tell the authenticity of the factory quotation. Based on the quality they offer, judge whether the price of the product is right.
After years of experience in foreign trade production and procurement, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality factory resources. Many partners also recommend high-quality factories to us, and our resource library is still improving.

Each of our products can provide samples. The sample fee will also be refunded after the official order is placed. Samples will be free if in stock. Just charge a certain shipping fee.
The proofing time needs to be judged according to the product. Simple products can be sampled in 1-3 days.
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