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2022 latest hot selling laptop desk, professional factory give you the best quality Computer Desk!

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We are an industry and trade company with our own factory, mainly engaged in office supplies, household items, textiles and handicrafts.

The related products of the letter message board have been introduced to you before (see Top ten best-selling types of message letter boards!  for details). This article will introduce you to the business of computer desks and some of the best-selling products.

Computer desks have been born for a long time, and the simplest form is an ordinary desk. The most common form of computer desk is a variant of the ergonomic desk.

Then, with the continuous optimization and upgrading of computers, the invention of the notebook computer and the creation of the lap table.

Computer desk/desk business introduction

We initially started from the category of display boards when we made office supplies. So you can see that we have many letter board, chalkboard, whiteboard, corkboard products.

Win-win cooperation, factory direct sales, delivery time guarantee, high quality and lowest quotation
letter board

Due to the excellent quality of the products, customers began to provide us with more samples and orders after cooperation, and began to purchase more categories. Computer desk/desk is one of them.

Since we have our own factory, we can quickly respond to customer needs. For customized products, products that need to be opened can be designed according to needs.

Simple classification of computer desks

A computer desk is a table used to place a computer. It is a very important office and daily necessities. Modern computer desks come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs. With the advancement of society and technology, the design of computer desks is also changing with each passing day.


Compared with the traditional flat computer desk, it is a desk with a rectangular table top. The main function is to place the computer and office, common in the home and office environment. These computer desks are mainly simple and practical, without too much decoration, and they are basically floor-standing.

home office computer desk, desk, work desk, writing desk, desktop computer desk


On the basis of the traditional computer desk, the lifting function is added. According to the different operation methods, it is divided into manual type and electric type. The biggest feature of these computer desks is that they can be raised and lowered. They can be adjusted for your height or allow you to work while standing.

Electric lift desk, computer desk, sit-stand desk, dual motor desk, gaming desk


It is named for the combination of computer desk, bookcase and even wardrobe. Because it can save space and avoid inconsistent home styles, it is very popular among white-collar households. At present, many university dormitories also use combined computer desks.

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The computer desk meets the needs of the corner and is named after the unconventional square. This computer desk makes full use of the corners of the home, and at the same time its fashionable appearance attracts a large number of buyers.

Laptop Desk, Computer Desk, Computer Desk Wholesale, Laptop Purchase in Laptop, Laptop Desk Factory

Bedding/Laptop Desk

It is mainly for the convenience of fashionable people to use laptops in bed. It is a little table like a dining table used by people in hospital wards, with wheels below. At present, it has also arrived at the Qingmei of some resident students.

An ergonomic computer desk, mainly because its design is ergonomic, is designed according to the operator’s most relaxed posture when using a computer. A computer desk is like a computer desk with a sliding drawer that can place a keyboard and mouse. The height of the drawer can also be adjusted by itself. adjust.

People who have been facing computers for a long time have a greater demand for such computer desks.

Laptop Desk, Computer Desk, Computer Desk Wholesale, Laptop Purchase in Laptop, Laptop Desk Factory

Lap tables are like athleisure for the workspace: not the most elegant option, but generally comfortable and functional.


It can be folded and unfolded, and is popular with the public for its lightness and convenience. Its panels and brackets are generally made of high-quality wood, and the brackets are made of stainless steel tubes.

Without tools, the solid surface can be converted from three-dimensional to two-dimensional in a few simple steps. After folding, it can be stored in a closet, storage room or every corner of the room. Therefore, it is required by urban homes, especially small-sized homes.

Laptop Desk, Computer Desk, Computer Desk Wholesale, Laptop Purchase in Laptop, Laptop Desk Factory

Laptop Desk Business and Product Introduction

Today, I will mainly introduce the laptop computer table to you, and will list some products (if you want to know and purchase other products, you can browse the product details page, and the products are constantly expanding).

Laptop desks also come in many different styles, such as some with foldable legs and some with a pillow-type bottom. There can also be many differences in materials, such as common wooden desktops and plastic ones. Some products will be made of bamboo and other materials, and have the function of desktop adjustment.

The functionality of the laptop desk can also be extended in many ways. For example, drawers with storage, fans with cooling, anti-slip strips, etc.

Next, this article mainly focuses on the laptop desk with stand, and at the same time makes a simple explanation to the suppliers and buyers.

Non-foldable Laptop Desk

This computer desk/tablet table is made of wood. A card slot is set on the desktop for placing tablets, mobile phones and other items.

Bamboo wood computer desk, bed reading breakfast table, study desk, folding desk

Plastic Laptop Desk

This laptop desk is made of plastic. It is unique among many wooden and metal computer desks. But don’t worry about its functionality and stability.

Folding laptop table, breakfast table, bed table, service tray, storage partition structure, children's study desk

It is characterized by a large space, convenient storage, and is very portable. You can put notebooks, tablets, books, pencils, computers, etc. in it.

It can then be folded and easily taken away. As a laptop desk for office and study, it is very good, so it is also purchased by many buyers, and end consumers are also very happy to buy it.

Traditional Folding Laptop Desk

This computer desk is relatively conventional, and the desktop can be customized according to needs, generally using wooden materials. The cost is relatively low, suitable for fast channel distribution.

Laptop bed desk, lap tray, portable foldable desk, student dormitory, office lazy writing desk

Because of its simple shape and low price, many supermarkets and e-commerce platforms will purchase it. Consumers all over the school, dormitory, family and so on.

Foldable Laptop Desk with Extended Function

This computer desk adds drawers, edge wrapping, splicing technology and other functions on the basis of traditional laptop computer desks. The desktop design considers the user’s use and adds a curved design.

Folding Laptop Desk, Simple Study Bed Desk, Tablet Stand, Lazy Lap Desk, Computer Desk

This laptop desk is similar in overall shape to the product above. But the materials and details used are better. Rounded and smooth aluminum, the all-black tabletop reveals a touch of elegance. The accessories inside can be customized, including drawers, non-slip mats, card slots, etc.

Folding Laptop Desk, Bed Desk, Lap Tablet Stand, Reading Desk, Simple Drawer Computer Desk

desktop adjustable computer desk

Multi-task folding computer desk, bed tray, bamboo notebook computer desk, cooling drawer, lazy dormitory desk

This laptop desk is almost entirely made of wood. Its desktop can be lifted to play the role of a computer stand. It makes your work more efficient. One who thought it was a “well-designed” desk said the “bamboo made it look very nice and it was very strong”, while another said it was “lovely to touch and look”. If you live in a small apartment, another reviewer added that it’s “super easy to fold and unfold” for storage. “I keep it by the bed and pick it up when I need it.”

Foldable bed with laptop table, lazy desk, portable table, aluminum alloy storage table

Its biggest feature is that the desktop can be folded in half. With a solid, sturdy and durable aluminum alloy frame and support buckle, this computer desk has a non-slip bottom design and will become your and your family’s new favorite! Its advantage is that it is more convenient to carry, you can take it like a box.

Laptop bed table, adjustable, with storage drawers, portable standing desk, home office tablet desk

This is also a classic product. This laptop desk can fully adjust the desktop angle and has the function of raising and lowering. It also buys very well on Amazon, and many buyers have a purchasing plan.

This article introduces some business situations of the company’s computer desk/desk to buyers/partners. At the same time, a brief introduction is made to the laptop desk with a stand. There are many forms of computer desks in this part. If you want to know more products, you can browse the product details page.

Company Profile

The company is a company integrating industry and trade, so we can meet the special needs or designs of the purchased products. The company’s address is in Hong Kong, China, and the factory’s address is in Ningbo, China.

Each of our products has been tested by the factory itself and third parties, and the quality is first-class. At the same time, as a factory, we can offer cheaper prices without middlemen making the difference. At the same time, we have a large number of factory resources.

As a foreign trade company, we can provide you with services such as purchasing agency and comprehensive commodity purchasing. Welcome your consultation and cooperation, integrity and quality have always been our pursuit and maintenance.

Why choose us?

We have been making office supplies, homewares, textiles and handicrafts for over 15 years.

With its own factory, it has the advantage of quotation and guarantee of construction period. No middlemen make the difference.

Of course, for each product, we can provide different materials, sizes, colors, and also change the shape as needed.

If you have your own design drawings or styles, we can also customize.

Win-win cooperation, factory direct sales, delivery time guarantee, high quality and lowest quotation

Accumulated technical and management experience, trained a group of technical personnel.

As a foreign trade company, it has accumulated a large number of factory resources and can provide comprehensive product procurement, warehousing, customization, procurement agency and other services.

What are you waiting for, an email or consultation might take your business a step further!

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What are you still hesitating about, an email or consultation may take your business further!

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We have long been engaged in the production of office supplies, household items, textiles and handicrafts.
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We fully accept customized products.
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We have professional quality inspectors who carefully check each order. We will conduct 2-3 self-tests, and we can also accept third-party tests.
At the same time, the quality of the raw materials we purchase is very good, and our technicians have undergone long-term training to ensure that the products are at a high level from the production and production process.

Product design, production, packaging, etc. are the basic services. Our factory has an area of ​​about 5000 square meters, so there is a lot of space for warehousing services.
We have a dedicated trade section that can provide regular trade sourcing services.
We can also provide purchasing agent services, and under the new cooperation model, we can also help you find quality products at low prices.

The core advantage is price and quality. As a source factory, we have no middlemen, so you can save unnecessary intermediate costs.
Since we have been producing for more than 15 years, we have accumulated a large number of raw materials, skilled workers and other resources. Compared with other factories, we have more advantages in material procurement and worker skills.
We can further reduce costs while maintaining material quality.
At the same time, due to the long-term professional production, our technical personnel are excellent in ability and experience. Therefore, the products produced are of good quality and stability.
We also provide services such as product customization, OEM, warehousing, quality inspection, etc. Welcome to cooperate with us.

Our advantage as a purchasing agent is that we have accumulated the resources of many small and medium-sized factories in various regions.
Large or well-known factories can often be easily found online, but they are expensive and have tight schedules. At the same time, they often have very high requirements on the number of purchases and have many restrictions.
And many small and medium-sized factories, their product quality is no worse than that of large factories, and they have advantages in terms of price, purchase volume, construction period and so on. But these factories are often not found on the Internet, and they lack the awareness of Internet marketing. Therefore, you can only accumulate these resources through accumulation over time. Compared with a simple agency company, our factory experience allows us to contact various factories and raw material factories more conveniently.
At the same time, we can better distinguish the pros and cons of each factory’s products, technical differences, etc. And because we are familiar with the raw materials, we can also tell the authenticity of the factory quotation. Based on the quality they offer, judge whether the price of the product is right.
After years of experience in foreign trade production and procurement, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality factory resources. Many partners also recommend high-quality factories to us, and our resource library is still improving.

Each of our products can provide samples. The sample fee will also be refunded after the official order is placed. Samples will be free if in stock. Just charge a certain shipping fee.
The proofing time needs to be judged according to the product. Simple products can be sampled in 1-3 days.
The production cycle also needs to be judged according to the product. At present, the daily production volume of products such as message boards that we often make can reach 3-4 thousand.

You can send us an email to tell us what products and requirements you need. The email address is: We will reply to you within one day of receiving the email.
You can also simply communicate with us online, and we will reply to you in time for many questions about the product.
When we complete the quotation, we will send an email to you, if there is no problem, we will sign a contract for formal cooperation.
Payment terms are 30% deposit before production and 70% balance before shipment.

If you have any questions, or need customized products, you can send us an email. We will reply you promptly.
Looking forward to cooperating with you, let us achieve a win-win situation.

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