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How to get the most profit? This is the reason why we increase the service of a trading company

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Hi, today I would like to introduce to you the service and development history of the company’s trade part.

At present, our group’s services include three major sections: factory direct sales services, trading company services, and procurement agency services, and we have established corresponding companies.

This article will describe the company’s growth history, the reasons for choosing to establish a trading company, the services of the trading company, the benefits of choosing a Chinese trading company, and what advantages we have compared to other trading companies.

You can also look at the content you want to know directly through the catalog.

The company’s growth history

We started our foreign trade work from the factory. The venue is in Ningbo, China, Zhejiang.

The factory initially mainly produced textiles and daily necessities, such as insoles, felt products, handbags, clothing, etc. With the trust of customers, more orders for new products have been generated, and our business scope has also expanded, adding handicrafts, home decorations, and cleaning products;

Especially products such as message boards and photo frames have been developed and produced for nearly 10 years. From production equipment to technical personnel have accumulated considerable, specific large-scale production capabilities that can quickly respond to customer needs.

Cooperation, Win-win

At the same time, the factory’s site area and the number of personnel have gradually increased. At present, the production area is more than 5,000 square meters, and there are dozens of technicians for products such as message boards.

While opening the factory, we have gradually established trust and cooperation with other factories.

We have accumulated many such basic factory resources. They may be unknown, you can’t find them on Alibaba, Amazon, or even they don’t have any information on the Internet, but they are the source of real quality products.

After long-term in-depth cooperation, we have a very close relationship with them. Therefore, we can obtain products at the lowest prices that other traders can’t get, and we can get better schedules.

We hope to recommend them to customers better, and at the same time help customers save costs.

And this is one of the reasons why we established a trading company. Then we established Bizoe International Trading Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Reasons for setting up a trading company

Improve communication efficiency

For our own factory, we hope to communicate directly with end customers, which will improve the efficiency of communication and make product design and production more efficient;

Increase the profits of both parties

Reducing the existence of middlemen helps increase profits. As for the extra profit, we hope to reduce the price of the product directly to the end customer, to maximize the profits of both parties; the other part is used for product research and development to improve the quality of the product and make the product more popular in the terminal market;

Cooperation, Win-win

Factory resource sharing

Due to the existence of our own factory, we have a better understanding of product design and production. In the course of operation, we have accumulated many excellent factories and technicians in China. And have enough understanding of them, long-term stable cooperation allows us to cooperate at the lowest price.

The accumulation of factory experience also gives us more advantages than pure trading companies when looking for new factories. Our negotiation and product grasp is more precise. We hope to bring these advantages to the end customers;

our service

Like most trading companies, finding suitable suppliers for customers is one of our services.

Since we have our own factories and a large number of factories with in-depth cooperation, we will provide more detailed services and divide them into three aspects.

Factory direct sales service

The product you consulted and purchased, if it can be completed from our factory or in-depth cooperation factory, then congratulations. Because you can get the product at the lowest price.

At present, we can quickly complete the production of daily necessities, textiles, handicrafts, and other related products.

Due to the controllable cost of these products, and the long-term optimization of production experience and technical personnel, they can quickly respond to customer needs.

If there are some products, the factory is not involved, but you want to be completed by our factory. As long as the number of products is sufficient and stable, we can purchase equipment to meet your needs.

At the same time, all orders completed by our factory enjoy the content of trade services, such as free warehouse, product quality inspection, etc. You can choose with confidence.

Trading company services

  • Communication with the factory, cost comparison, product customization service, sample delivery, etc.;
  • Factory site inspection, production follow-up, packaging, brand solutions, professional quality inspection, free warehouse;
  • Transportation arrangements, import, and export-related matters;

We have our own supplier list, and we can also select high-quality factories or suppliers according to your needs. You will save a lot of time and avoid trivial communication and selection processes.

Cooperation, Win-win

At the same time, when we come forward to communicate with local suppliers, we can often get lower prices, provide you with more profits, and have safer funds.

Purchasing agency services

  • Free services: product procurement consultation, cost evaluation; product sample communication and customization; consultation on import and export, construction period, etc.;
  • Professional version service (a certain percentage of fees will be charged): production follow-up; packaging, brand solutions; regular quality inspections; free warehouse; transportation arrangements;
  • Customized services: one-to-one product inspection; factory on-site inspection; any form of labor; additional storage; graphic design such as packaging;

We work as your purchasing agent.

If you already have a supplier, but you need professional personnel to negotiate and communicate with them to obtain advantages in price, quantity, etc., and to supervise the construction period and product quality, you can leave it to us.

This is much more cost-effective than looking for the corresponding service alone. If you need us to help you find a supplier, we also have a professional team responsible.

Advantages of choosing a trading company

Provide a more comprehensive product range

We can help you find all the products and suppliers you want, regardless of product type.

Minimum quantity for smaller products

We have long-term experience in communicating with the factory. When we purchase, the minimum order quantity of products will be much smaller than that of direct communication.

But the smaller the MOQ, the higher the unit price of the product. Therefore, it is recommended to increase your order quantity appropriately.

More comprehensive services

Factories tend to focus more on production, and their communication may not be timely. And there is not enough quality inspection, there is no free warehouse.

Cooperation, Win-win
Cooperation, Win-win

We will help you complete these services. You no longer need to contact dozens or hundreds of suppliers, just focus on product sales.

The latest market and product consultation

We will collect information on the market and summarize it for you regularly.

When there are better quality products and factories, you will get them as soon as possible.

Our advantages compared with other trading companies

There are currently a large number of trading companies in China, and the quality of them varies greatly.

Good trading companies will provide more comprehensive products and services, try their best to help customers save costs, and provide customer service to increase added value.

There are also trading companies that provide little added value and essentially buy and resell products with no added value.

This hurts customers and makes the entire industry unhealthy. We hope you can choose truly high-quality traders.

At the same time, compared with ordinary trading companies, we also have some advantages that they do not have.

List of own factories and suppliers

Involving products from self-owned factories and in-depth cooperation factories, it can effectively control costs and provide high-quality products at the best prices that other traders cannot give;

At the same time, we have a huge list of suppliers, some of which you cannot find online.

They do not have the ability or willingness to trade, but they produce high-quality and low-priced products. Other traders often just resell their products, and we can get the lowest price from them and provide you with more value-added services.

Identify high-quality products and factories

We have our own factory, we independently completed all the work from communication, sample making, finished product production, quality inspection packaging, transportation, and so on.

Therefore, we have a clearer understanding of the product itself and the operation of the factory, and can better distinguish the pros and cons of the product.

our service
Our service

At the same time, we will judge the real production capacity and production level of the factory through on-site inspections, and provide more product customization and packaging customization options.

Communication skills

In the process of opening factories and trading companies, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality supply chains.

At the same time, combining factory experience and negotiation experience, we can better grasp the real demand points of the factory and customers.

While we can improve communication efficiency, we can also allow the factory to give a more reasonable price.

Own warehouse

We have our own warehouse covering an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters with a full staff, which enables us to provide warehousing, product packaging, and quality inspection services that most other agents cannot provide before the customer’s goods are shipped from China.

We have always adhered to the corporate culture of integrity, quality, and win-win, to provide customers with high-quality products, while reducing costs to maximize the profits of both parties.

In each time period, due to the relationship between product supply and factory construction period, the price of the product will fluctuate.

We will select the most competitive products for you according to your needs, and will regularly provide special offers and product market benefits. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and subscribe and contact us~

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What are you still hesitating about, an email or consultation may take your business further!

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Frequently asked questions

We have our own factory in Ningbo, China, welcome to visit and inspect.
We provide production services, specializing in wholesale, and are a supplier with customized production capabilities.
At the same time, we also have our own trade department, which can provide purchasing services. We are a group company.

We have long been engaged in the production of office supplies, household items, textiles and handicrafts.
We have more than 15 years of production experience, and our technicians have undergone long-term training to manufacture products quickly and stably.

We fully accept customized products.
Since we are a factory, you will have a smoother experience regarding the communication and production of custom products.
We will also provide reasonable and affordable solutions according to your requirements to ensure product quality while keeping the cost of the product as low as possible.
Oem/odm is one of our services, we will continue to provide quality products.

We have professional quality inspectors who carefully check each order. We will conduct 2-3 self-tests, and we can also accept third-party tests.
At the same time, the quality of the raw materials we purchase is very good, and our technicians have undergone long-term training to ensure that the products are at a high level from the production and production process.

Product design, production, packaging, etc. are the basic services. Our factory has an area of ​​about 5000 square meters, so there is a lot of space for warehousing services.
We have a dedicated trade section that can provide regular trade sourcing services.
We can also provide purchasing agent services, and under the new cooperation model, we can also help you find quality products at low prices.

The core advantage is price and quality. As a source factory, we have no middlemen, so you can save unnecessary intermediate costs.
Since we have been producing for more than 15 years, we have accumulated a large number of raw materials, skilled workers and other resources. Compared with other factories, we have more advantages in material procurement and worker skills.
We can further reduce costs while maintaining material quality.
At the same time, due to the long-term professional production, our technical personnel are excellent in ability and experience. Therefore, the products produced are of good quality and stability.
We also provide services such as product customization, OEM, warehousing, quality inspection, etc. Welcome to cooperate with us.

Our advantage as a purchasing agent is that we have accumulated the resources of many small and medium-sized factories in various regions.
Large or well-known factories can often be easily found online, but they are expensive and have tight schedules. At the same time, they often have very high requirements on the number of purchases and have many restrictions.
And many small and medium-sized factories, their product quality is no worse than that of large factories, and they have advantages in terms of price, purchase volume, construction period and so on. But these factories are often not found on the Internet, and they lack the awareness of Internet marketing. Therefore, you can only accumulate these resources through accumulation over time. Compared with a simple agency company, our factory experience allows us to contact various factories and raw material factories more conveniently.
At the same time, we can better distinguish the pros and cons of each factory’s products, technical differences, etc. And because we are familiar with the raw materials, we can also tell the authenticity of the factory quotation. Based on the quality they offer, judge whether the price of the product is right.
After years of experience in foreign trade production and procurement, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality factory resources. Many partners also recommend high-quality factories to us, and our resource library is still improving.

Each of our products can provide samples. The sample fee will also be refunded after the official order is placed. Samples will be free if in stock. Just charge a certain shipping fee.
The proofing time needs to be judged according to the product. Simple products can be sampled in 1-3 days.
The production cycle also needs to be judged according to the product. At present, the daily production volume of products such as message boards that we often make can reach 3-4 thousand.

You can send us an email to tell us what products and requirements you need. The email address is: We will reply to you within one day of receiving the email.
You can also simply communicate with us online, and we will reply to you in time for many questions about the product.
When we complete the quotation, we will send an email to you, if there is no problem, we will sign a contract for formal cooperation.
Payment terms are 30% deposit before production and 70% balance before shipment.

If you have any questions, or need customized products, you can send us an email. We will reply you promptly.
Looking forward to cooperating with you, let us achieve a win-win situation.

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