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Russia invades Ukraine

Recently, Russia launched an unscrupulous invasion of Ukraine. This is a war without justice and without cause. As an independent and sovereign country, Ukraine has the freedom to choose the direction of their own country.

The Ukrainian people chose their president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, through their own votes and elections, a completely legal process.

In the early morning of February 22, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order announcing the recognition of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhans State of the eastern Ukrainian civilian armed forces as independent states, and then dispatched the sea, land and air force to launch a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24.

The international community was shocked that an ordinary member of the UN Security Council, a big country with nuclear weapons, would fight against a weak brother. Most importantly, the justice of this war is beyond words. Ukraine has an independent sovereign, legitimate president, peace-loving people, and Russia has no reason to invade.

Let’s see what Russia’s so-called liberation of Ukraine has actually done. The army invaded, the ruins, the sound of artillery, refugees, countless casualties. This includes not only the innocent Ukrainian people, but also those Russian soldiers who were kidnapped and loaded into chariots, who love peace in their hearts, and were even tricked into fighting in Ukraine.

We have also suffered wars, experienced family destruction, starvation for thousands of miles, ceding land to compensate… We deeply remember these hardships, so we can better understand and feel the pain of Ukraine and its people.

Ukraine and its people fought bravely

Fortunately, Ukraine showed a strong will. They fended off the first wave of Russian onslaught. It not only blocked the attack of artillery fire, but also blocked psychological warfare such as public opinion warfare, information warfare, and fake news. In the process, their president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stood with them and did not flee.

The people of Ukraine have chosen a good president. And the Ukrainian people themselves are equally admirable. They took up arms, feared the flames of war, and bravely resisted the invaders. Many even returned to Ukraine to defend their homeland from other countries. Ordinary people showed no fear in the face of Russian soldiers and showed strong national consciousness and solidarity.

Ukraine blocked Russia’s blitzkrieg, frustrating Putin’s 48-72 hour desire to resolve the fight. And this has also given time for peace-loving countries in the world to react. Countries have begun to sanction Russia, and through economic, political and other pressures, Russia is now beginning to suffer great difficulties.

Justice must prevail, defend peace

And the aid to Ukraine’s weapons and intelligence has also turned the balance of the war toward Ukraine.

We, strongly oppose Russia’s war on Ukraine. Regardless of the thousands of reasons Russia has, any use of force to invade a sovereign country is a violation of the norms of international relations based on the UN Charter, and a breach of the existing international security system.

We, strongly support the actions of the Ukrainian people to defend their country. And we also hope to give Ukraine as much assistance as we can. At present, in addition to some donations, we also promise to reduce the cost of 10% on the basis of the lowest price of products purchased in Ukraine in the near future. At the same time, we will also put orders from Ukraine or countries that support Ukraine in the first time. Although this does not have much effect, it is also a part of our support for Ukraine.

Perhaps, the difficult time will continue for a while. But as long as there is justice and goodness in the world, we will eventually see light. Believe that Ukraine can finally defeat the evil! !

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