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The Most Affordable Lift Table at a Price You Can’t Believe!

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The origin of the lift table

Computer desks have been born for a long time, and the simplest form is an ordinary desk. The most common form of computer desk is a variant of the ergonomic desk. Then, with the continuous optimization and upgrading of computers, the invention of the notebook computer and the creation of the lap table.

The previous two articles introduced some styles of laptop desks to various suppliers/buyers. Partners who want to know more can view (2022 latest hot selling laptop desk2022 Best Selling Pillow Laptop Desk ). This article will introduce a popular desktop computer desk/desk to our partners – the elevating desk.

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From the evolutionary process of human beings to walking on four limbs to walking upright, the research scholars have found that after walking upright, sitting down is beneficial to reduce fatigue in daily activities, and thus invented the seat.

This way of sitting and working has been passed down, but as people spend more and more time sitting in the office, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency.

The elevating desk has also appeared, and using the elevating desk to stand office has become a popular healthy office method.

Classification of lift tables

Common ones are mostly used for study, office, Internet access, etc.

They are roughly divided into the following three categories according to the lifting method:


The automatic lifting table generally uses electricity as the power source, and the height of the lifting table is adjusted by the motor control mechanism.

Advantages: small power consumption, stable and beautiful style, large lifting range.

This type of table has single-column and double-column forms, and there are two types of lifting methods: remote control and manual control. This concept was initiated by European and American countries and is popular around the world.

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Disadvantages: The price is not cheap, the price of single and double columns is more than a few hundred dollars, and the price is higher in some areas. Its main lifting depends on the electric lifting system. The quality of the lifting system determines its service life.

Because the lifting system is a mature industry, there is generally no quality problem when choosing a quality manufacturer.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, it has been chosen by most foreign companies and urban office workers. more popular in developed countries.

Not automatic

The non-automatic lifting table is a simplification of the automatic lifting table, which eliminates the need for a motor or a compressor, and adjusts the mechanical device, hydraulic rod, and air pressure rod by manpower.

Advantages: low price, no electricity and no oil.

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Disadvantages: It takes a little effort to lift and lower, and some buttons need to be lifted by hand to achieve the purpose of lifting. Moreover, the height of the lifting is limited.

Most of the similar products sold on some websites are of ordinary workmanship and stand alone. It is easy to knock down. The common one is the narrow one with a column in the middle, the chassis and the table top, and the price is usually in the hundreds of dollars..

desk lift table

The desk lift table means that it is placed on the desktop as a workbench. With the help of a gas spring, it can be lifted and lowered by hand.

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This article is mainly for desktop computer desks, or desks and other large lift tables, so the desk lift table will be displayed in the next article, so please look forward to it.

It is mentioned above that the lifting table is evolved from the ordinary desk with the lifting function according to people’s needs. So let’s take a look at the ordinary lift table first.

Regular desk/computer desk

This is a regular desk with a wooden top and a metal frame. Modern Design: Ideal for home offices, studios, bedrooms, as well as kitchens as dining tables. It is very simple and has basically no extra accessories and functions.

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Therefore, its price will be relatively lower, and the purchase volume as a basic product is still good.

Manual lift desk/computer desk

This computer desk can be adjusted in height with a crank. INNOVATIVE STANDING DESK – This desk increases productivity while the ergonomic sit-stand design reduces all the unwanted side effects of prolonged sitting, such as neck and back pain.

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PACKED WITH LOTS OF DURABILITY – All-steel frame construction and thick leg bracing system provide stability with a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs.

The difference between this lift desk and the one above is that this one can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. So you can have several table tops, you can have several different sizes of lift tables.

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Likewise, its ergonomic design gives you the option of standing and sitting. You don’t need to worry about the affordability and quality of the product, we will maintain a high level as always.

Electric lift desk/computer desk

As the name suggests, the biggest difference between an electric desk and a manual one is the way it lifts. The electric desk is equipped with a motor that automatically raises and lowers the desk by pressing a button.

The desk can be equipped with different styles such as one motor and two motors. At the same time, you can also customize and add more accessories, such as hooks, brackets and other products.

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Electric desks are more labor-saving and convenient, and are widely used in office environments. Therefore, it is also very popular with consumers in the market, and sales have been very good.

This article introduces some products of the elevating desk, more products can be found on the product details page. In the future, the company will launch more new products, and will also upgrade the products launched. Welcome to cooperate.

Company Profile

The company is a company integrating industry and trade, so we can meet the special needs or designs of the purchased products. The company’s address is in Hong Kong, China, and the factory’s address is in Ningbo, China.

Each of our products has been tested by the factory itself and third parties, and the quality is first-class. At the same time, as a factory, we can offer cheaper prices without middlemen making the difference. At the same time, we have a large number of factory resources.

Win-win cooperation, factory direct sales, delivery time guarantee, high quality and lowest quotation

As a foreign trade company, we can provide you with services such as purchasing agency and comprehensive commodity purchasing. Welcome your consultation and cooperation, integrity and quality have always been our pursuit and maintenance.

Why choose us?

We have been making office supplies, homewares, textiles and handicrafts for over 15 years.

With its own factory, it has the advantage of quotation and guarantee of construction period. No middlemen make the difference.

Of course, for each product, we can provide different materials, sizes, colors, and also change the shape as needed.

If you have your own design drawings or styles, we can also customize.

Win-win cooperation, factory direct sales, delivery time guarantee, high quality and lowest quotation

Accumulated technical and management experience, trained a group of technical personnel.

As a foreign trade company, it has accumulated a large number of factory resources and can provide comprehensive product procurement, warehousing, customization, procurement agency and other services.

What are you waiting for, an email or consultation might take your business a step further!

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What are you still hesitating about, an email or consultation may take your business further!

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Our advantage as a purchasing agent is that we have accumulated the resources of many small and medium-sized factories in various regions.
Large or well-known factories can often be easily found online, but they are expensive and have tight schedules. At the same time, they often have very high requirements on the number of purchases and have many restrictions.
And many small and medium-sized factories, their product quality is no worse than that of large factories, and they have advantages in terms of price, purchase volume, construction period and so on. But these factories are often not found on the Internet, and they lack the awareness of Internet marketing. Therefore, you can only accumulate these resources through accumulation over time. Compared with a simple agency company, our factory experience allows us to contact various factories and raw material factories more conveniently.
At the same time, we can better distinguish the pros and cons of each factory’s products, technical differences, etc. And because we are familiar with the raw materials, we can also tell the authenticity of the factory quotation. Based on the quality they offer, judge whether the price of the product is right.
After years of experience in foreign trade production and procurement, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality factory resources. Many partners also recommend high-quality factories to us, and our resource library is still improving.

Each of our products can provide samples. The sample fee will also be refunded after the official order is placed. Samples will be free if in stock. Just charge a certain shipping fee.
The proofing time needs to be judged according to the product. Simple products can be sampled in 1-3 days.
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