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Top ten best-selling types of message letter boards! 2021 Ultra-low letter board quotes, procurement personnel must not miss the opportunity to make money!

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Previously, I introduced the advantages of the company’s message letter board production, including the Ultra-low letter board quotes, production quality, construction period guarantee, communication efficiency, and the convenience of purchasing other products. Many cooperative companies, purchasers, and traders have consulted us on variable message letter boards. Among them, there are more questions about style, Quotation, and sales. In terms of Quotation, believe me, under the same quality, our Quotation will definitely make you more profitable.

Win-win cooperation, factory direct sales, delivery time guarantee, high quality and lowest quotation

Today I will mainly introduce you to the top ten best-selling types of message letter boards. We collect data from several aspects and then comprehensively rank.It also includes some data returned by Amazon and customers, as well as our market research.

Of course, the market is changing rapidly and people’s likes are also different. We will also inform you regularly. This time I will try my best to select the more popular styles from different types.

1. Classic message letter board

This message letter board was his first popular look. It is so fascinating with pictures of babies that people start to imitate and fall in love with message letter boards. Its size is generally 10*10, but we can also customize it according to your requirements. It is matched with felt cloth, generally white wooden frame, matched with black felt cloth. The reverse is also possible.

Of course, it has many changes, such as the color of the felt, the material of the frame, and so on.

This product uses iridescent felt, which makes people happy.

As you can see, in the framework of classic styles, you can incorporate your own creativity and create patterns you like.

2. Colorful message letter board

These message letter boards will use colorful material borders, and its characteristic is that they will change according to the environment and the changes in your shooting angle.

It is very interesting, and it is a good choice for sharing photos and home decorations.

This product can obviously be used as a gift to your lover and family members. The color of the outer frame can be adjusted according to needs.

3. uv printing message letter board

The main difference of this message letter board is the production process. It adopts the uv printing method, and the displayed pattern is more natural and integrated with the panel.

It can be sold as a new product in the market, which will allow you to achieve good results.

4. Plastic panel material message letter board

The panel material they use is plastic, and felt-like message letter boards can be used interchangeably. It will add different colors to your home. At the same time, the color of this message letter board is specially made by us, and the champagne color fascinates many people.

Of course, products can also be combined. For example, this message letter board is a combination of a photo frame and a message letter board, and a product provides customers with more functions.

5. Cork message letter board

The biggest feature of the cork message letter board is its panel, which is made of cork. Just pin what you have written on it. In addition, it also provides storage and hanging boards that are not available in general message letter boards. You can hang your own jewelry and small objects on it, which is good-looking and effortless.

The cork can also be covered with felt to provide more color options.

Of course, it can also be combined with a regular message letter board to make the product more artistic. At the same time, its functions are also more diversified.

6. All wooden message letter board

The all-wood message letter board looks very elegant. It uses a one-piece molding process, just like a piece of art. You can piece together any language you want with letters, and children like him very much.

It also has a thin section, which saves more space. Placed at home, it is suitable for taking pictures.

7. Magnetic message letter board

The characteristic of the magnetic message letter board is that there is no groove on the panel. At the same time, the letters are also magnetic. Just place the letters on the panel and they will react and attract together. It is more convenient to operate, and the smooth panel is more comfortable to the touch.

The color and size of the panel and frame can be customized as usual. You just need to say your needs, and we can all meet them.

8. Spelling message letter board

This message letter board is as interesting as building blocks. You can give it as a gift to your loved one. Its texture and color are excellent, and it is a high-quality artwork.

9. Erasable letter board

The erasable letter board also has the function of a message letter board. It is widely used in schools, churches, restaurants, and other places, and it is also a good choice when used in a family environment. Its convenience is that you can draw whatever you want, not just text.

There are also more playful styles, which are cheaper.

10. Agile message letter board

This message letter board is made of acrylic. It is very common in business environments, companies, and families. Its form can be many kinds, we can draw a certain pattern in advance, let it have a calendar, menu, and other functions. Everything is up to you.

Of course, in addition to these, there are many high-quality message letter boards, high-quality and best-selling. The key is that there is no middleman to make the difference, and the price is very cheap.

For example, most of the message letter boards can be decorated with lights to make them more outstanding, and they can be displayed at night.

The size and form of the lamp can be changed.

There are message letter boards with more functions and more accessories.

This message letter board can be matched with accessories and is more decorative, which is very suitable for Christmas.

This is combined with the notebook to make your notebook unique.

Pure felt can be used as a background wall.

After reading so much, I believe you already have your favorite choice.

Of course, for each message board, we can provide different materials, sizes, colors, and can also change the shape according to needs.

If you have your own design drawings or styles, we can also customize them.

Why choose us?

We have been making handicrafts, daily necessities, household goods, and textiles for more than 15 years.

Owning its own factory, with quotation advantage and duration guarantee.

Accumulated technology and management experience, and trained a group of technical personnel.

At the same time, it has factory resources and can provide procurement, warehousing, customization and other services.

Win-win cooperation, factory direct sales, delivery time guarantee, high quality and lowest quotation

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What are you still hesitating about, an email or consultation may take your business further!

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