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Why you need a “lap table” (what product is good)

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First we come up with the most important function, protecting your neck: even a cheap lap table, maybe not of perfect quality, can still provide support and keep your posture good.

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While I’m writing this, I’m actually lying on the couch. Of course the computer is on top of the laptop.

But thanks to my trusty lap table, it’s more comfortable than it could have been. Without it, I often need to adjust the position of the computer because the material of the computer is not comfortable on my lap. And over time, the heat dissipation of the computer will also affect the skin, making the skin unhealthy.

Now with the lap table this is all gone, I might opt ​​for a lap table with a sloping underside that helps bring the screen closer to eye level when I’m hanging out so I don’t have to stretch as hard neck. The flat surface also helps keep the laptop well ventilated, and the sponge on the bottom is very comfortable touching my thighs.

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Don’t envy that I can choose any lap table, because our factory produces these kinds of products, because there are many styles, you can see almost all of them in the market. You want a unique design to be customized, we can also cater for you. But if you can guess which one I used, you can leave me a comment. If you guess correctly, you can get extra rewards!

Compared to those lap tables that cost more than a dozen dollars, our prices are low, just a few dollars. Of course, we do not have retail for the time being, we can only buy in the form of wholesale purchase. Next, I will analyze the factors for you to choose a lap table. This article is mainly described from the perspective of consumers. Regarding the part related to buyers, I will make a separate article to describe it.

Composition of Laptop Desks: Laptop desks come in many styles, from one-piece plastic to foldable. Today we take a conventional lap table with cushions as an example.

laptop desk

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Most of these lap desks have a top table top and bottom cushions.

Desktop board:

The shape of the desktop board can be adjusted, not just a simple square, but also other shapes you want. You can choose your favorite accessories on the desktop board. Such as mobile phone card slot, mouse pad, etc. Of course, you can also choose whether it is made of plastic or sponge. It will be fun and you can customize your own lap table.

Legs or padding:

While my lap table rests directly on my lap with padding underneath, others have retractable legs that sit at the sides of the body. This approach may be detrimental to all the ways we’re repositioning ourselves while hanging out, but this design fits better with a bed and can more easily double as a screen riser on a desk.

Most lap desks have padding underneath to keep your legs comfortable.

Amount of inclination:

Take note of the natural inclination of any lap table you are viewing. Some have padding to adjust the height so the laptop can sit up on a recline, while others have a flat one. A slight tilt helps with posture, as it lifts the screen to a higher level, but it also makes your mouse slide down when you’re not holding it. If you primarily use an external mouse, consider using a level surface.

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Is it height adjustable:

This is probably the biggest decision you have to make. While many laptop desks have only a flat surface with cushions underneath, some have adjustable heights. Being able to fine-tune your screen height is nice, and it’s so easy to do, you just need a simple flick. There’s something to be said for pulling out a lap table and using it right away, no fuss.

Surface material:

conventional surface materials are MDF and bamboo. Others offer wood-grain surfaces and rounded edges, and some even have patterned fabric cushions underneath, helping them blend into your living room decor. I couldn’t find any wood-surface adjustable height lap tables that didn’t use retractable legs instead of padding, so I opted for a more practical approach.

Wrist strap or stopper:

Unless your laptop of choice is on the heavier side or has sturdy rubber grips, it may slip off on any angled laptop desk. Some laptop desks alleviate this by adding a lip to the bottom, while others feature padded wrist rests. The latter sounds better in theory, but too much padding can also force your hands into typing positions that may feel unnatural. .

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Miscellaneous decorations:

In addition to all the above factors, some laptop desks complement other decorations. You may see some with grooves to support your phone or tablet, and some with space for office supplies.

The above are some points to pay attention to when purchasing a lap table. You can browse here to find the style you like. If you want to customize, we can also meet you. It’s just that we only support wholesale at present, with batch setting, if you have purchasing needs, please contact us quickly~

Company Profile

The company is a company integrating industry and trade, so we can meet the special needs or designs of the purchased products. The company’s address is in Hong Kong, China, and the factory’s address is in Ningbo, China.

Each of our products has been tested by the factory itself and third parties, and the quality is first-class. At the same time, as a factory, we can offer cheaper prices without middlemen making the difference. At the same time, we have a large number of factory resources.

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As a foreign trade company, we can provide you with services such as purchasing agency and comprehensive commodity purchasing. Welcome your consultation and cooperation, integrity and quality have always been our pursuit and maintenance.

Why choose us?

We have been making office supplies, homewares, textiles and handicrafts for over 15 years.

With its own factory, it has the advantage of quotation and guarantee of construction period. No middlemen make the difference.

Of course, for each product, we can provide different materials, sizes, colors, and also change the shape as needed.

If you have your own design drawings or styles, we can also customize.

Win-win cooperation, factory direct sales, delivery time guarantee, high quality and lowest quotation

Accumulated technical and management experience, trained a group of technical personnel.

As a foreign trade company, it has accumulated a large number of factory resources and can provide comprehensive product procurement, warehousing, customization, procurement agency and other services.

What are you waiting for, an email or consultation might take your business a step further!

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And many small and medium-sized factories, their product quality is no worse than that of large factories, and they have advantages in terms of price, purchase volume, construction period and so on. But these factories are often not found on the Internet, and they lack the awareness of Internet marketing. Therefore, you can only accumulate these resources through accumulation over time. Compared with a simple agency company, our factory experience allows us to contact various factories and raw material factories more conveniently.
At the same time, we can better distinguish the pros and cons of each factory’s products, technical differences, etc. And because we are familiar with the raw materials, we can also tell the authenticity of the factory quotation. Based on the quality they offer, judge whether the price of the product is right.
After years of experience in foreign trade production and procurement, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality factory resources. Many partners also recommend high-quality factories to us, and our resource library is still improving.

Each of our products can provide samples. The sample fee will also be refunded after the official order is placed. Samples will be free if in stock. Just charge a certain shipping fee.
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